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Mastering  Life's Biggest Challenges

Strengthen your mind, body, and soul.

This subpage located on the "For Members" tab is here for you! Member's of Alpha Gamma Sigma Iota have come up with a short list of ways we as students overcome some of life's biggest challenges. 

It is our hopes that this list will be as helpful to you as it has been to some of us. 

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1. Meditation

Did you know that researchers and scientists confirms meditation reshapes the brain and connects new neuro-pathways? If you're willing to give it a shot, check out this channel called Goodful. They do meditations for anxiety, depression, just general meditation, and even for kids that are short to 5-10 minutes! Here is a link to an example.

2. Treat yo' Self

In the very popular show "Parks & Recreations", we had a glorious episode and now popular gif where characters Tom and Donna repeat the phrase "Treat yo' Self". That's exactly what you should do in times of stress or anxiety. Treat yourself to some ice cream, treat yourself to some shopping, or just in any way that will give you some type of peace. You're constantly working hard, it's ok to stop everything you're doing to take a break from your normal routine, even if it's for a short period. Basically, just treat your self. 

3. Filter your environment

In the the age of readily available information and content, you might not realize how much your mind is swallowing! Watching the news and being hypnotized to the screen, consistently and habitually browsing social media sites, those are all things your mind is swallowing. Filtering out what you view, how you view things, and even filtering out people, whether they be friends or family, that add to your anxiety and stress is something to consider. 



1. Exercise but not one type fits all!

By now everyone knows the benefits of exercises. However, we can't forget that not everyone is on the same level. Not all of us can be star athletes so do exercise that fits you! You don't need to bench press 350 just to get the benefits of exercise. It's ok to take it slow as well. Here is a simple example exercise you can begin with. Yoga videos from beginning to advance.

2. Blue light glasses

Students now more than ever have to sit in front of a monitor screen. Purchase some blue light glasses to help with monitor fatigue! It'll help prevent headaches, dizziness, and sore eyes  There's a bunch of options and designs on amazon.



1. Volunteer

You already know as members of AGS, how fulfilling volunteering is. There is a type of nourishment that happens when we extend kindness and compassion towards others. Here we have a list of local and nonlocal volunteer opportunities our chapter has gathered that you can check out.

2. Practice self love 

This can be done by first and foremost, being kind to yourself! It's easy to think you're not enough or not doing enough. Avoid thinking negatively about yourself and start complimenting yourself. Tell yourself "good job" when you've done a task. Leave yourself little notes saying "you are capable", "you got this". When you become your own biggest cheerleader, you might be surprised with how much happier you'll be. It's not being vain, it's believing in yourself and knowing you are capable of everything you set out to do. You are worthy. 

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