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Step 1.

Fill out an application. Applications are available in the Counseling and Advisement Center located on the second floor of the Student Services Building.

You can also download an

application by clicking on the PDF icon:

Step 2.

Get G.P.A. verification by getting a copy of your transcripts (unofficial is fine)

Step 3.

Submit application and transcripts to Raquel Gutierrez or Denise Kaisler and if approved, pay dues by mail.

Have questions or concerns?

Let us know and we'll do what we can to help.


    Membership Types & Requirements

​All members of AGS are Temporary Members until they have fulfilled their service requirements and completed an application for Permanent Membership (This is during graduation). Neither Temporary nor Permanent membership in AGS is automatic. 


Students may apply for Temporary Membership each semester if they meet the following requirements:


Full-time Student in the Previous Semester

  • Twelve or more units completed the previous semester.

  • No less than 3.0 G.P.A. with no grade lower than C.


Part-time Student in the Previous Semester

  • 6 to 11 1/2 units completed the previous semester.

  • No less than a 3.25 G.P.A. with no grade lower than a C.

Reasons to Join

Reasons to Join

Joining Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) has a variety of benefits for Citrus College Students

  • It'll look good on your transfer application

  • Networking with goal-minded students

  • Participating in events that build valuable leadership, planning, and teamwork skills

  • Attending special regional events with other AGS chapters.

  • Attending statewide conferences and conventions

  • Receiving AGS gold seal of membership for your diploma

  • Public recognition of your academic achievement

  • Socials where you can get to know other AGS members and chapters

  • Board positions to exhibit and foster leadership

  • Giving back to your community through volunteerism and charity

  • Scholarships

  • And much more…

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